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How damaging is consistent light loading?

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Generators and Standby Generators are an integral part for any business that operates 24/7 today.  They provide power allowing companies to operate in the event of a mains power outage, designed to operate in all climates at their optimum output in the region of 50% -80% load capacity. It is important that system health and reliability checks are carried out to ensure they work first time every time for every facility.

Cardiff Diesel Services provides a variety of services across both the Commercial and Leisure Marine. We also support many organisations such as NHS trust and Welsh Water Services, all of which have backup generators to support their organisation. These generator sets are an important part of every business and it is important that they work at their optimum working speeds when required in every eventuality.

Diesel Generator Light Loading

Operating a diesel generator set at load levels less than 30 percent of rated output for extended time periods will have a negative impact. Excessively long periods of light loading on generators can lead to deposit build-up behind the piston rings, deposits developing inside the cylinders, cylinder liners and, in extreme cases, cylinder polishing can occur. All of these conditions will lead to a loss of power which will result in poor performance and increased wear of internal engine parts. The effects on these components, increase maintenance costs and can result in unplanned downtime or premature failure.

It is important for any business to ensure that their standby generators are all fit for purpose and have the confidence that should their generators be required, they perform in the manner that they are expected to. To help minimize the effects of underloading, it is critical to have operation and maintenance plans in place to maintain the health and reliability of the complete system and your generator set. Regular maintenance and servicing is important to having a reliable system at the point you need it most, should the lights go out.

How we can help

The Cardiff Diesel Services engineering team are highly trained in all areas of generating systems. We can complete generator load bank testing at any client base / site by working flexible hours so not to impact on any essential services. The load bank testing can be carried out efficiently and successfully across all our customer’s generators ranging from 200kva to 1500kva.

For further information or quotations on diesel generator maintenance and load bank testing please contact :02920 787 187