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Generator winterisation

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Thankfully the UK rarely sees the very extreme cold temperatures that the rest of Europe experiences. However, winterisation is still very important, especially around cooling pipes and water systems.

Most modern generators have heater systems that heat up the engine block via the cooling system operating at a pre-programmed temperature setting. The aim of this is to have the engine block at a set temperature, so that if and when the generator is started in an emergency, the engine reaches its optimum temperature quicker, reducing wear on the engine components. These systems are tested on both Major and Minor services by our engineers.

During our Major services, all oils lubes and filters are renewed and specific gravities of the cooling system are checked and renewed if needed. All batteries are checked along with the generators charging system. All our clients generators that we service are trickle charged from the mains via a battery charger built into the system, this ensures they are kept at their optimum charge.

Cardiff Diesel Services normal carry out major services over the winter period so that we know that the generator/engine is ready to operate over the winter period. By carrying out the winter service for our clients we know that should the backup generator be called on to operate we are confident that it will start first time every time.

Our technicians are aware of the importance of having equipment that is fully operational and ready to work at a moment’s notice. We monitor all client servicing schedules, this allows us to inform clients on servicing intervals whether it be major or minor. A full inspection report is available to all and copies are sent out to inform them of the equipment’s condition.

By servicing equipment over the winter our clients can have peace of mind, knowing that their equipment is fully serviced with the added bonus of a 24/7 emergency breakdown cover.