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Will you be ready when the lights go out?

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It doesn’t matter what business you run, there will be a time when the lights go out without any warning. Having a first-class service to keep you going in the event of a catastrophe, will allow your team to work continuously without disruption. Generators and Standby Generators are an integral part for any business that operates 24/7 today.  They provide power, allowing companies to operate in the event of a mains power outage, designed to operate in all climates at their optimum output. This can only be achieved if you have the right team working for you with a formulated plan.

Cardiff Diesel Services is the leading provider in Wales for generator repairs and maintenance, providing 24/7 emergency cover for all our clients. We have a wealth of experience from all areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. Our engineers have experience in marine, auto and power generation to enable us to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Servicing Schedules

As with all disaster planning, there need to be measures in place to minimise the possibility or impact a total failure will have on your business. We offer this reassurrance to our customers including Welsh Water, Cardiff Airport and NHS Wales via servicing, maintenance and load testing.

Proactive Monitoring

All our clients have specific needs, some areas such as NHS Wales require us to work outside normal working hours. A system has been introduced giving our customer estate managers a 30 day window that allows them to choose the best time to fit with the hospital’s busy routine. Our office in Cardiff monitors the same spreadsheet to ensure that the generators in our care are captured for servicing within the scheduled time frame.  To enable this to happen many of our maintenance tasks are completed late at night, when the hospitals are at their quietest time, allowing their staff to work in the day knowing that their backup generators are ready for action.

We know how important it is to ensure these systems are fully functional. We provide a Major, Minor and Load bank service similar to a vehicle MOT, providing remedial work and advice to our clients ensuring that the needs of the customer are met and able to cope in any emergency situation.

How we can help

Our highly skilled engineering team can provide advice and assistance in all areas of generating systems. We can ensure that your generating systems are serviced and maintained to suite your company’s needs, whether it be an annual or six monthly service or load bank testing. At a time that suites your business needs.

For further information or quotations on diesel generator maintenance and load bank testing please contact us